What Is A Site Plan Agreement

It is important to determine if an existing location agreement or obligation applies to your property. Such agreements may require that any new development be built and maintained according to pre-approved plans or that other specific conditions be met. This information can be obtained from the title of your property. Previous agreements or commitments may be amended or repealed as part of the approval of a new proposal. This authority provides a process that reviews the design and technical aspects of a development project to ensure that it is attractive, environmentally compatible and contributes to the economic, social and environmental vitality of the city. Features such as building design, site access and maintenance, waste storage, parking, loading and landscaping are examined. Pursuant to section 41 of the Planning Act, the O.S.R. In 1990, as amended, the entire Town of Woodstock was designated as a Site Plan Control Area. In accordance with the Town of Woodstock`s Development Plan Development Plan Control By-law No. 8711-11, an application for control of the development plan is required for the following forms of development: Before submitting an application, you must determine whether an existing zoning plan agreement or commitment applies to your property. Such agreements may require that any new development be constructed and maintained in accordance with previously approved plans or set other conditions and should be exempt from ownership if it is to be replaced. After the meeting, you will receive a completed development application checklist confirming the information and documents you must include in your formal application submission. All submissions for site plan control must comply with the requirements of the nr zoning law.

8626-10 of the Town of Woodstock as amended. Please contact the City of Woodstock Engineering Department or the Oxford County Community Planning Office to determine if your property is subject to site plan control. The development plan review refers to the process by which municipalities approve development in accordance with the physical planning, built form and operational objectives set out in their official plan. Under section 41 of Ontario`s Planning Act, land use planning in communities is subject to control of the development plan. This is to ensure that the development: is compatible with neighboring or neighboring plots; Have safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles; Have adequate landscaping, parking and maintenance; Meet specific quality and appearance standards; and be constructed and maintained in the manner in which the proposal was approved. The entire area of the City of Windsor is designated as a Site Plan Control Area by Charter 1-2004. The site plan review process considers input from various departments and authorities when preparing a site plan approval agreement. The Site Plan Permit Agreement is a binding contract between the Corporation of the City of Windsor and the applicant or owner. The contract consists of the development conditions, must be registered on the property of the property and is a prerequisite for the procedure for applying for a building permit. Development Plan Review Process 1. . .


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