Terms And Conditions For Tenancy Agreement

This is an unofficial translation of the following document Algemene bepalingen huurovereenkomst woonruimten. The sole purpose is to provide non-Dutch-speaking Tennants with a translation of the general terms and conditions of sale that may be part of their Tennant agreement. While the above ten points are indispensable in a solid lease, there may be other conditions that you would find useful. For example, take the time to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and appendices of this rental agreement. If something remains unclear, don`t hesitate to ask. We are happy to answer all your questions! Many provisions can be included, but a basic lease agreement should contain at least the following 10 conditions: A lease is a contract between you and a lessor. 19.6 The provisions of Article 19.5 do not apply to movable property that the lessee has transferred to the subsequent tenant, provided that the subsequent tenant has notified the lessor of such transfer in writing. 19.7 In good time before the termination of the rental agreement or use, the object of the rental must be considered jointly by the parties. The parties shall prepare a report on this inspection indicating the findings relating to the condition of the tenancy.

This report shall also indicate the work to be carried out at the tenant`s expense with regard to the repairs deemed necessary during the inspection and the long-awaited maintenance at the tenant`s expense, as well as the manner in which this is done. 19.3 At the end of the rental agreement or at the end of the use of the rented object, the tenant must clear and clear the rental object without use or rights of use, duly cleaned and clear and clear all keys, key cards, etc. The notice of termination by the lessee is equal to the duration of a payment period, but not less than one month and not more than three months, and for a termination by the lessor, not less than three months and in compliance with Article 7:271 (5) of the Dutch Civil Code. 1.1 Throughout the term of the rental agreement, the tenant will effectively, fully, continuously, correctly and personally use exclusively the object indicated in the rental agreement, which means, among other things, that the tenant may not use the rental object for commercial activities (including the activities referred to in Article 2.1 and Article 14.3, paragraph (c). . . .

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