Tenancy Agreement Bond Refund Form

Tell the Bond Center how much money should be returned to the tenant and how much to give to the landlord. Signatures on this form must conform to the signatures on the bond registration forms. When the lease ends, tenants and landlords must inspect the property together. If the inspection shows that everything is fine, fill out the refund form and send it to Tenancy Services for processing. If you wish, you can also transfer the loan to a new lease. Only original signed forms must be submitted to the RTA. Forms sent or photocopied by e-mail are not accepted. If the tenant and the lessor cannot agree on the reimbursement of the deposit, one (or both) can go to the rental court to sort it. The loan is the money that the tenant sets aside at the beginning of the lease. The purpose of the loan is for the tenant to keep it available if he has to pay to repair the damage for which he is responsible at the end of the lease. Repayments are made by direct credit to the bank account numbers you indicate on the bond redemption form. Refunds are only made to a New Zealand bank account.

If the lessor changes during the lease, the Bond Center must know this to have the current contact details and know the expected new signature on the bond repayment form. Either the tenant/resident or the administrator/owner or supplier can fulfill a refund of the rental obligation (form 4) via web services, by mail or mail or personally (note: email forms are not accepted) without all signatures and forward them to LA RTA. This is called the right to borrow. A repayment of the lease loan only requires a signature of a person registered in the loan to begin the process of repaying the loan. Typically, it takes about 15 business days to refund a deposit when a complete form has been completed. A landlord can ask for a maximum of 4 weeks` rent to be used as a deposit. The money is given to the owner before the start of the rental. The deposit must be submitted to the Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Employment within 23 working days. You must complete, sign and file the refund form.

The deposit will not be released to the tenants, unless all the tenants mentioned and the lessor sign this form. At the end of a lease, the tenant can transfer the loan to a new lease rather than being reimbursed. If there is unpaid rent or other unpaid fees, tenants and landlords can agree to distribute the loan. Part of the deposit is refunded to the landlord to cover his expenses and the rest is refunded to the tenant. The loan repayment form should be completed to reflect this. If the loan is not claimed 6 years after the end of the lease, the loan becomes the property of the Crown. All relevant fields must be completed in order to avoid processing delays. The tenant must indicate his transmission address on the form. The fastest way to receive bond money is to agree on how the loan will be paid. The tenant is liable for damages caused by negligence, negligence or intentional behavior. The deposit is the tenant`s money until the tenant agrees to give the landlord some or all of the money, or the rental court orders how it is reimbursed. If a party requests the loan without the agreement of the other party, the Bond Centre will inform the other party and ask the other party, within 10 working days, to indicate in writing whether it wishes to contest the claim.

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