Colombian Peace Agreement 2016

The country`s highest court ruled in favor of the government`s fast track plan to quickly implement the agreement. The government can pass the necessary laws to implement the country`s peace agreement with the Marxist FARC rebels through Congress faster than usual. [87] [88] The final agreement was ratified by referendum on October 2, 2016. [82] She failed with 50.2% against her and 49.8% for, with a turnout of 37.4%. [83] [84] It should be noted that Colombians living in areas most affected by the conflict, including Colombians displaced abroad, voted in favour, while more voted against inland and in more remote urban areas. [85] The Special Unit for the Search for Missing Persons in the Context and As a Result of the Armed Conflict (Unidad especial para la búsqueda de personas dadas por desaparecidas en el contexto y en razón del conflicto armado) would be a high-level special unit established after the signing of the final agreement. It would lead and coordinate efforts to search for and locate missing persons or find their remains so that they can be returned to their families. To carry out its work, the research unit would collect the necessary information on missing persons, analyse the information collected, strengthen and streamline the processes for identifying remains in coordination with the National Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences, ensure the participation of families and present families with an official report informing them of the fate of missing relatives. [122] “With these agreements, there is no justice or truth for the victims,” Uribe, now an opposition senator in Congress, said in a Twitter post. In 1990 and 1991, peace negotiations with several minor guerrilla movements resulted in their demobilization and transformation into civilian political actors.

The first guerrilla group demobilized following a peace agreement with the Colombian government was the Nineteenth April Movement (M-19), which demobilized its weapons and abandoned them in exchange for a general amnesty for all actions committed within the framework of the conflict. Other guerrilla groups demobilized under similar conditions were most of the fronts of the People`s Liberation Army (EPL) and the Movimiento Armado Quintin Lame (MAQL). [3] However, repeated attempts to find a negotiated solution through formal peace talks between the government and the FARC have all failed….

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