Chase Automatic Payments Service Agreement

The bank assumes no responsibility for this and access and use is at its own risk. The Seller undertakes to inform Paymentech in writing, at least 30 days in advance, of its intention to change the current product or service lines, the Seller`s business name or the manner in which the Seller accepts payment instruments. If Paymentech finds that such a change is essential for its relationship with the Seller, Paymentech may refuse the processing of transaction data made after the change or terminate this agreement. The Seller undertakes to inform paymentech in writing immediately if the Seller is the subject of an application or proceedings for bankruptcy or voluntary or involuntary insolvency. The Seller`s signature on this agreement authorizes Paymentech to perform all credit checks deemed necessary with respect to the Seller. Seller shall also be paymentech immediately in writing on (i) any detrimental change in Seller`s financial situation, (ii) any planned or expected liquidation or substantial change in the fundamental nature of Seller`s business, (iii) any transfer or sale of a substantial portion (25% or more) of Seller`s total assets or (iv) if Seller or Seller`s parent company is not a company; whose shares are listed on a national stock exchange or on a stock exchange, shall immediately inform them in writing. Market, any change in the control or ownership of the seller or the seller`s parent company. The bank may disclose information to customers if the bank can reasonably determine that it is necessary or desirable to prevent or reduce actual or potential fraud or loss. “Card” means an account or proof of an authorized account established between a Customer and a card brand or representative or member of a card brand that you accept by Customers as payment for a good or service.

Cards include credit and debit cards, memory cards, customer cards, e-gift cards, authorized account or access numbers, paper certificates, and credit accounts. Digitize your processes with the voting information you need and you can save 15 hours or more per week. Also enjoy real-time account updates and next day payment voting.

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