Btps Collective Agreement

16.1.1 Step “A” – Such a difference (hereinafter referred to as “complaint”) shall be transmitted in writing, at the teacher level, to the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, with copies to the Chairman of the Teacher Welfare Committee of Teachers of Buffalo Trail Public Schools Regional Division No. 28 and to the Coordinator of Teacher Welfare of the Association. This written filing must be filed within 20 days from the date of the incident giving rise to the complaint or from the date on which the Grievor first becomes aware of the incident, whichever is later. The complaint must specify the nature of the complaint, the articles of the agreement that it claims to have violated and the manner in which it was envisaged to remedy the situation. It is the responsibility of the respondent and/or its representative to arrange a meeting with the respondent and/or its representative within 10 days of receiving the respondent`s notification, when a meeting is requested. The respondent reviews the appeal and makes a written decision to the respondent and the chair of the Teachers` Welfare Board within fifteen days of receipt of the appeal. If your bargaining unit has not completed negotiations with your school jurisdiction, employers cannot arbitrarily change pay or working conditions. Expiring collective agreements will continue to be fulfilled until a new agreement is ratified. This collective agreement is entered into under the laws of the Province of Alberta as amended from time to time, including, but not limited to, the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA), the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code. 2.5.1 Notwithstanding section 130 of the Labour Relations Act, a collective agreement, which is in force between the parties at the time of service of termination, shall apply after service of a termination for the opening of central bargaining, regardless of the date of termination of the collective agreement until 13.3. If the association requests a secondment for a teacher elected to the provincial office, as president of a local civil servant or other local official already mentioned in the collective agreement, the teacher is seconded as provided for within the limit of the teacher`s FTEs, provided that the amount of the FTEs seconded by the teacher is mutually agreed by the employer, by the teacher and by the association and free of charge for the employer.

15.2 “Central Position” means any item italicised in this Collective Agreement. . . .

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