Bc Government Confidence And Supply Agreement

Horgan and Weaver are optimistic that Guichon will consider their deal strong enough to allow the NDP to form a government without elections. “All it takes is maybe a green member or a PND member to be sick and not get the [first budget] to vote for [an NDP government] to survive. This is a very precarious situation. Christy Clark has resigned as Prime Minister. John Horgan, leader of the NDP, will form the government and will be the next prime minister of BC, #bcpoli t.co/kYi30HIXKA pic.twitter.com/ByiCoGnqmx national governments of the Third Front were formed in 1989 and 1996 with the external support of one of the two major parties, the BJP or the Congress. “The Confidence and Supply Agreement now provides a stable government at a time when British Columbians need to know that their elected officials are focused on the people of this province,” she said. “In recent days, we have done everything in our power to reach a government agreement, while consolidating our core beliefs.

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