Ankara Agreement Sweden

But in Sweden`s current political context, Nyans has a much better chance than Jasin of gaining political representation and will run first in the general and local elections in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, all scheduled for 2022. The advantages of Nyans are based on the strength of local organizations in these three main Swedish cities, as well as in smaller cities like Örebro and Växsjö, in which he also wants to participate. Turks from the former Yugoslavia in the 1960s mostly came from the Prespa region. In different contexts, many knew each other and began to organize and seek common interests. About 5,000 Macedonian Turks settled in Sweden, 90% of whom (or 4,500) lived in Malmö. [4] This trend arises despite the fact that contemporary European political parties, particularly in Scandinavia, often rely on fundamental characteristics of ideas and ideology, regardless of examples such as parties linked to the Christian Democratic movement or the linguistic and political divide in Belgium. But the MB, one of the best-organized voices in the European Muslim world, has successfully presented itself as the sole representative of Europe`s Muslim communities in Europe`s entire ideological spectrum, supported by the recent political focus on identity politics and intersectionality. The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) is a perfect example of this intersection. Erdogan-led Turkey, which itself brought Turkey`s remarkably secularist political character closer to Islamism during his tenure, quickly saw the political advantages of soft power and the influence of Islamist politicians in Europe. Political parties like Nyans seem ready to take advantage of the benefits of these processes and enter legislative assemblies at the local level and perhaps also at the national level. It is quite possible that, in a few years` time, Nyans will take votes from the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party to enter Parliament or, at the very least, the local assemblies. . .


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