Adoption Agreement Sample

Questionnaire template for canine adoption that helps save pets in the search for families by collecting the personal and domestic details of the candidates, the experience of the pets, the desired pet and the conditions they are willing to offer. THIS AGREEMENT, concluded today of “20____ between (hereinafter referred to as adopter) and Tri-State Equine Adoption & Rescue (hereinafter “T.E.A.R.”), is a legally binding agreement describing the conditions of “adoption” of the horse, currently known to all parties Pet Adoption Application Form that provides you with the contact and personal information of the applicants as well as other details about their home, to their habits and more. Sochi Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to ending the suffering of stray dogs around the world through education, adoption, and castration at a lower cost. Adoption is an act of great importance, but not without risk for most adoptive parents. Net Lawman adoption agreements have been made to cover all legal aspects and facilitate the bureaucratic process towards a safe conclusion for you and your new child. A declaration of agreement and acceptance of the adoption of pets as well as a detailed list of the conditions and fields of the contract in which the applicant can give his consent. The following text comes from our adoption contract. Please read it carefully, as you are required to sign a legally binding document containing this text. If you adopt a puppy under six months of age that has not yet been modified, you will also need to sign the castration agreement. I understand that by voluntarily signing this agreement, I am entering into a legal and binding contract with the A Forever Home Rescue Foundation.

The violation of one or more of its provisions of this agreement is deemed questionable by AFH. If there is a breach of the agreement, I agree to pay at least $500,000 in damages. In addition, in order to facilitate the recovery of damages for infringement, I waive any challenge to the jurisdiction and agree that the jurisdiction in this matter is the Commonwealth of Virginia and Fairfax County. In addition, I agree to accept the service of the process by registered letter, counter-request, to the address indicated in this adoption contract and, in particular, to waive any right to a personal service. Whether you`re an animal shelter or pet store that cares for cats, dogs, rabbits or birds, speed up your adoption process and help pets find their loving home ever faster, with our selection of pet adoption application forms. Just choose a template below to get started, adjust it at will, and then place your adoption form on your website or share it as a link via social media. Since all pet adoption apps are securely stored in your JotForm account, you have easy access to the information you need to make sure your pets go to happy homes…

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